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Sacral Chakra Bracelet ~ Sandalwood, Carnelian, Red Aventurine & Crystal Quartz Sterling Silver Bracelet

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Carnelian - A strong energy stone - Helps the wearer by increasing personal power and bringing courage and compassion when needed - Brings determination and inner strength - Helps to heal circulation, appetite and memory.

Clear Quartz/Crystal Quartz - A stone of power - Helps the wearer to increase their energy or intention - Helps to protect against negativity in daily life - Helps the immune system, memory and pain

Red Aventurine is a stone that helps to enhance creativity and motivation. When times are hard and we feel defeated, red aventurine helps to open our minds up again to new possibilities. Physically, red aventurine helps with blood pressure.

Carnelian Size: 10mm
Red Aventurine Size: 8mm
Crystal Quartz Size: 8mm
Sandalwood Size: 8mm Beads


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