True style goes beyond the look and fit of your clothing and accessories. Style is in every step of the design process. It’s in the planning, creation and execution of every piece. It’s in the inspiration, motivation and dreams of the designer who creates it. Our personal style is shaped and evolves as we find and select pieces to which we find a personal connection. The most valuable pieces of fashion are durable, high quality pieces that make us feel something - not cheaply mass produced items hanging on the rack at every department store.

It is for this reason that Savanna West has chosen to work with independent designers. Their passion for their work, creativity and energy are a vital and underappreciated part of the fashion industry. The care, technique and quality that they bring to their creations adds a value that can not be found in or duplicated by large, mass-produced brands. This means that by selecting to purchase unique handmade pieces from our talented independent designers means, you are  investing not only in your personal style but in the revolution of fashion as we know it.

We thank you for taking the time to visit our site and we encourage you to become a part of our dream to revolutionize the way consumers view fashion by providing them with beautifully made quality clothing and accessories.